Friday, March 4, 2011

We love barn wood, steel, rocks, stone, rust and trees - Sam's Welding

I found these guys on Etsy and I just loved their upbeat attitude and their fascination with using local items in their art. Recycling, using old techniques and keeping it minimal:

Melanie and Sam are the owners of Sam's Welding. They own a home business on 5 acres, with 2 children (now in college), horses, chickens cats and dogs.

They have always lived in the country and enjoyed using the natural raw materials around them in in the Pacific Northwest.

Melanie makes most of the finish work on items...sanding, clear coating, cleaning off the steel, filing etc. Sam started to work with wood turning in the last few years and also been learning more about the ancient technique of forging.

Sam has created many ornamental iron gates for people and garden sculptures for local people. Some pictures on their FB page can be found at:

They have 3 forges, one propane and two coal forges with manual blowers.

Melanie love rocks and stones so she's had fun this year splitting slate pieces by heating them and then taking the thin sheets and drilling out the slate jewelry pieces.

Between Sam and Melanie and the collections they have on their five acres and in their barns, they are always coming up with another idea to try. We love barn wood, steel, rocks, stone, rust and trees.

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