Monday, January 24, 2011

Tape transfer - use tape to transer any image onto paper!

This is so cool and I've done it before using a ton of different images. I used to make greeting cards using this technique. The instructions are SUPER EASY (like all the tutorials I post) and really cool since you can layer them over anything on any kind of paper surface!

Just click on this photo and zoom!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super cute fabric button flower!

Super cute button flower. Check it out, yo. Click HERE to read her cute, easy tutorial:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Create your own upcyled appliques for jeans in a few easy steps!

I found this tutorial and I LOVED it. Re-sewing the inseam looks a tad tricky, so if you need more direction than provided here, please visit this gal's website for details (link below). Happy applique-making!!! ;-)

CLICK ON the image below to view it in a browser and zoom to enlarge:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sequins+beads+thread+tule= pretty flower embellishment!

I found this tutorial online and I thought that I'd make these sequin/bead embellishments for jeans or barrettes or headbands? This gal made them for a t-shirt. Very pretty, huh? ;-)

(see bottom for direct link to her DETAILED tutorial)

1 t-shirt (preferably tissue or thin with a slim cut)
1/4 yard tule for backing the design
2 yards (a little extra) of strung sequins or 1 small pack
20 gram pack of beads (can use more than one kind)

Tips & Tricks

1.try to come up through the tule where you want the outside of your sequin to lay, going back down through the center allows you to secure it's placement.
2.this embellishment is made up of 7 patches of sequin/beading. i've provided a pattern for the tule to be cut, but feel free to modify it to your liking. add bigger patches, more patches, less patches, etc. each one that i've shown here is open for change.


1.pre wash your tee to make sure that it doesn't shrink much after the project is finished.

2.unstring 1 yard of your sequins (unstring the rest as needed).

3.print attached pattern and cut tule according to the instructions.

4.layer both a pieces underneath the 3 b pieces.

5.double thread your needle, tying a knot at the end.

6.coming up from the bottom of your tule at the edge of the b pile, pull the needle taught.

7.thread one sequin, come back down through the center of the sequin, then the tule.

8.continue step 6-7 for each sequin, forming a series of circles within each other. finish the sequins off by cutting the thread at the needle & tying the two pieces in multiple knots. you'll want to add the beads to the center of each sequin. with a double threaded needle, come up through the center of one sequin.

10.thread the bead, coming back down again through the center of sequin. this adds a nice texture & secures the placement of the sequin.

11.continue steps 9-10 for each sequin. finish the beads off by looping the remaining thread through sequin stitching, then cutting the thread at the needle & tying the two pieces in multiple knots., you'll want to fill the empty space with filler beads.

13.continue with steps 4-12 until you've added each patch to the entire embellishment. notice that the smaller sequin clusters do not have any tule layers beneath them. here you will simply attach directly to the two a pieces of tule.

14.once you finish the entire embellishment, it's time for the fun part. go ahead & put on the tee. you'll want to line up the full piece to make sure you like the placement. attach the embellishment to the tee with straight pins.

15.hand stitch the embellishment, coming up from underneath & trying to stay underneath each sequin patch (but above the tule). this provides a strong attachment without visible thread.

Here's the detailed tutorial link:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bling up yr scraggily headbands!!!

My friend Debbie posted this tutorial on her site. It was a very EASY way to salvage and "bling up" those girly headbands that are starting to look a tad scraggily around our house.

Find some scrap fabric with sparkles or some funky textures on it, grab a glue gun and scissors and wah-lah! ;-) If you don't have scrap fabric with sparkles on it, you can always glue gems on!

1. Cut the fabric to the length and width that you need + 1" to fold under the ends.
2. Glue the fabric edge to the inside of the headband just off center.
3. Glue as you fold/wrap the fabric around the headband pulling it tight and smooth as you go.
4. Over lap the beginning edge slightly so that this raw edge is in the center of the inside of the headband.
5. Fold the fabric ends inside and glue.
6. Wrap trim around the head band at an angle from one end to the other securing periodically with glue.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Umbrellas Lantern - recycle those baby umbrellas, ellas, ellas, ellahs, eh, eh, eh

This is SO CUTE I can't hardly stand it. AND, all it takes is some nifty collecting skills. Keep those umbrellas from yr fancy parties and drinks! You can make 'em into a lantern! ;-)

Do any of you know where you could get a plastic ball like this? I can't think of anything except a paper Chinese lantern or an Ikea hanging round lantern. Any suggestions?


A great way to recycle those cocktail umbrellas after you have a party or get together.

Materials Needed:

Cocktail Umbrellas in all designs and colors
Hard, hollow plastic ball-any shape and size as long as it can fit a bulb inside (all I can think of is an Ikea lamp or paper Chinese lantern...?)
Light bulb with cord - you can buy those with a paper Chinese lantern at Walmart or Target.


Start by taking the plastic ball and cut a 5cm radius. This will be where you place the light bulb (or light bulb holder) when you are finished.
Next you will take the cocktail umbrellas and one by one poke them into the sides of the ball (or paper lantern). If you have problems poking the toothpicks through the ball you can use something sharp like a safety pin to make the holes. Continue to poke them through the ball until the ball is filled.
This can then be placed over the bulb and used to decorate any room.

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