Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Yr Craft Done While Vacationing....

I enjoyed this article on crafting while on vacation...

Personally, I think it's relaxing to work on projects while traveling/vacationing. I have included a few of this writer's tips on crafting while on vacation.  Click on the link at the bottom of this post for more of her article..By: Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert 

 "....As creative people, we don’t ever really turn off from "work mode" - the world is just too full of creativity and we can’t miss a bit of it. Plus, there is so much to learn during our travels. I’ve put together a few of my own tips that you might like to use on your next vacation:

1.  Always bring a way to keep notes, thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals and sketches. You might bring an art journal or a small electronic device that has an app to record notes, sketch ideas and take photos....

2. Take a craft! I make a small traveling craft kit for every vacation I go on. I don’t always complete the craft, but I craft in public areas like by the pool, in the lobby, in the food courts, and anywhere people gather and relax. By crafting, I open myself up to conversations. People will come up and ask what I’m doing! I’ve made some great business connections while sitting by the pool and needle punching! This should also include wearing anything you make!"

Here's her link if you want to

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